Metallic Shoe Splurges & Saves

Good morning you guys! It’s been a while since I posted, but I’m finally back with some great content.

The trend this Summer is all about metallic shoes and I have been seeing so many “Splurge vs Save” posts, which inspired me to round up my favorite metallic shoe splurges and saves. So if you are either splurging, saving or both, this post is just right for you. 


Metallic shoes have been seen on fashion runways such as that of Gucci, Christian Dior, Hermes, Chanel and YSL. Here are some of my top picks from these fashion designers.


Amazon is also following this trend for the Summer, so you do not need to break the bank in order to be part of this fashion trend. Here are a round up of my must have metallic shoes from amazon.



Spring Outfit Ideas

Good morning loves! It is finally spring and we are ready for spring fashion. I have got for you today some beautiful Spring outfit ideas from the website Poppy Apparel. I have grouped them up in three groups: dresses, two pieces and Jumpsuits & rompers. Get 10% discount on all items from Poppy Apparel with our code: musthaves

If you are attending events during Spring, then a knee length dress, a two piece set or a cute jumpsuit would make a perfect outfit. Popular colors during Spring are pastel colors or colors in combination with white. As soon as the weather starts to change, you find yourself automatically gravitating to more lighter and or softer colors. However, if you want to go with a more bolder look during spring, then you should try a bolder color or  print. Take note that these bolder alternatives were also present during the 2018 Spring runways.


  1. Sylvie Dress
  2. Halima Dress
  3. Belinda Dress
  4. Dayanara Bodycon Dress
  5. Kai Dress
  6. Abiela Sweater Dress

 Two Pieces

  1. Crop N’ Stripes Two Piece Set
  2. Nude Two Piece Set
  3. Dottie Two Piece Set
  4. Heidiza Two Piece Set


 Jumpsuits and rompers


  1. Zadra Jumpsuit
  2. Yoroslava Jumpsuit
  3. Vanna Jumpsuit
  4. Loha Jumpsuit
  5. Emygard Jumpsuit
  6. Abiela Sweater Dress

BS – Mall Brushes Review

Hi everyone! Today I have for you my thoughts on the BS – Mall Brushes. I ordered these brushes on Amazon for $10.99. This set consist of 14 brush pieces, they have a bold handle and come in various colors.

BS- Mal bushes


After using these brushes for one year, these are my thoughts:


  • They are pretty
  • Their bold handle makes it easier to use.
  • The bristles are very soft and are of good quality.
  • The bristles are easy to clean.
  • There is no hair fall out while applying my make up or while cleaning the brushes.
  • The set cost $10.99 which is pretty cheap, considering the amount of brushes that you are getting and their quality.


  • I purchased these brushes less then a year ago, but one of the handles are already broken for no specific reason.
  • The Angled Brush is not large enough, considering it is a blush and bronzer brush.
  • The Flat Angled Brush is not narrow enough for its purpose as a nose contouring brush.




Ulta Beauty Wish list

Hi everyone!! Today I have got my Ulta Beauty wish list. My wish list consists mostly of new products that I want to try out but also other products that I never got a chance to try out in the past. This list is in no particular order. Just like my other posts, this post is also not sponsored. It is literally my own personal wish list based on the Ulta Beauty website and reviews from beauty gurus. So let’s get started!

1. Brush Crush 306 Kabuki Brush

This kabuki brush is part of a limited edition collection from the brand Real techniques. This collection has a glittery, pastel and holographic look to it which gives it a mermaid/ unicorn vibe. This brush is large and can be used to apply your finishing powered or blush.


2. Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition 21 Color Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette

This makeup palette is from one of my favorite beauty gurus, Carli Bybel. The packaging of this palette is amazing and it has 21 eye shadow & highlighter colors. Just like the original Carli Bybel palette, it is also limited edition.


3. The Porefessional Face Primer Mini

The Porefessional face primer from Benefit Cosmetics is the #1 best-selling face primer in the US. I have never used a face primer before, only eye primers for my eye shadows. So the Porefessional face primer is definitely going to be my first face primer.


4. Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

Clinique has a 3 step Skin Care System. Step 1 is facial soap, Step 2 is the clarifying lotion and step 3 is moisturizing lotion. I normally use any facial soap and then I would apply the Clarifying lotion from Clinique, but I have never done step 3. So I wanted to include this step into my daily routine with the moisturizing lotion from Clinique.


5.  Better Than Sex Macara

I have heart so much about this mascara and it’s unique name, so off course I would want to try it out.

Too Faced

6. Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert

There are a lot of us that suffer from cellulite. Cellulite is nothing to be ashamed of, but it wouldn’t hurt, if we could just reduce the appearance of cellulite. With the help of healthy eating, exercise and the Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring expert from Clarins, you can reduce the appearance of cellulite.


7. Hydrating Bubble Mask

Based on my previous post, it is clear that I love to use or at least try out ELF products. So I will definitely be trying this face mask. Keep in mind that this product is above $10, in comparison to the other products I have been using from ELF.


8. The Multiple

The reason why this product made my list is because I love Nars blushes and this product is a multi-purpose stick and can be used on your eyelids, lips and off course on your cheeks as a blush


9. Prep & Prime Fix

Based on my previous post on ELF, I commented that I love ELF’s setting spray, except for it’s smell. So I wanted to try out I different brand and came across the Prep & Prim Fix from MAC. This product received a lot of good review when it comes to setting your make up and it has four different scents. Scent wise I want to try out the “Calming Lavender” and “Creamy Coconut”


10. Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Matte Foundation

I have been loving the shape tape concealer formula from Tarte so much. So the reason why I want to purchase this item is because my expectation are that the Shape Tape Foundation will give the same full coverage as the concealer.



ELF Products Review

Hi loves! I have been using ELF products for a while now, and I think it is the perfect time to give my honest opinion about the specific items that I have been using. They aren’t new on the market, but I do believe that it is best to use a product on a daily basis and for a few month in order for you to be able to give a good review. Again this post is not sponsored. I purchased them all at Walmart for under $10, but are they really worth it? Let’s find out!

Moisturizing Lipstick

This moisturizing lipstick gives indeed moisture to your lips in comparison with the other ELF lipsticks. It is buttery, I love the overall texture of it and how it looks on my lips. Most of the time when you think about moisturizing lipsticks, you often think that it would be sheer and you would have to apply it multiple times for it to give a vibrant look. But believe me this is not the case with this one. You can see that vibrant red in one swipe.

Red Carpet

Velvet Matte lipstick

Just like the moisturizing lipstick, the velvet matte lipsticks are buttery, and very pigmented. It is indeed matte, but it does not make your lips feel dry. Between the two colors that I purchased, I like the color “Ruby Red” more than the “Fuchsia Fantasy”, because the “Ruby Red” has a ready to wear look to it. The color “Fuchsia Fantasy” would look better if you use a dark lip pencil color and give it an ombre look.

Ruby Red

Fuchsia Fantasy

Matte Lip color

Of all the ELF lipsticks, the Matte lip color is my favorite. It has more or less the same finish as the velvet matte lipsticks, but because of its pencil like shape, you can apply it much easier and you can be more precise. I purchased the color “Wine” and “Berry Sorbet”. I think both colors are pretty, but because I love wearing red lipstick, the color “Wine” is my number one go to lipstick shade. Plus it gives you that chic look.


Berry Sorbet


I have been using either the acne fighting foundation from ELF or the even better foundation from Clinique. I love both, but I like the ELF foundation more. The reason for this is that the ELF foundation gives a better coverage, it gives a matte finish, it stays on longer and it is less expensive.

Acne Fighting Foundation


I have been using this Sheer perfect finish HD powder to set my make up, and it is amazing!!! It is “powder white” but as the name says, it is sheer. So when you apply it to your make up it does not make your face white. It blurs imperfections and it makes your skin super soft. I mostly use it in combination with the shape tape contour concealer from Tarte under my eye. I apply the Sheer perfect finish HD powder with the tapered brush from BS- Mall.

Sheer Perfect Finish HD Powder


So I purchased the Baked highlighter in the color “Blush Gems”. It is a very pretty color, but it doesn’t highlight enough. I made sure that I was using it correctly based on ELF’s website at the section “how to use”. I removed the top protective layer before using it, I used a brush and my fingers, but still I did not get the result I was looking for.

Baked Highlighter

Setting Spray

I use this setting spray a lot. I use it to wet my sponge and brush before applying my make up. I also spray it directly to my face to set my make up. I really love the results. However, the down side of this item is that it does not have the best smell. Based on ELF’s website at the section “ingredients”, it is clear that they did not use any fragrance to make it smell good.

Makeup Mist & Set


Work Out Essentials

Hi everyone!!! So I started recently with a new workout routine which involves going to the gym 3 times a week and on any other day I will go for a long walk and run. I know that when it comes to working out, it is not important how fashionable you look. It’s more about having the right outfit and gear while you are working out. Because of this I wanted to give you some basic tips before purchasing any workout items. I will also be showing you some great brands and where to buy them.


If you are doing a workout routine that requires the use of  a pair of work out shoes, then you should make sure you are using the right shoes. For example if you are going on a run, make sure you are using running shoes. When I go for a long walk and/or run, I always have my Adidas ultra boost on.

  1. UltraBoost Shoes
  2. UltraBoost X Shoes
  3. UltraBoost X Parley Shoes



Top and sports bra

For me it is very important to wear the right sports bra. It should be comfortable, it should give you enough support and I love for them to have a padding in side. If my sports bra has all of these qualities, then almost any top would look good on top.

  1. Nike Hero
  2. Nike Rival
  3. Don’t Rest Alphaskin Sport Bra



When it comes to leggings, I want them to be stretchy and not see through. In other words, make sure that your leggings are squat-proof leggings.

  1. Saski Collection – Mint Green High Waist Leggings
  2. VS Pink- Ultimate High Waist Pocket Legging
  3. GymShark – Fusion Leggings


Other essentials


If your gym does not have a water cooler, make sure that you have a water bottle on hand to keep yourself hydrated at all times, especially if you are doing cardio.

  1. S’well – Neptune
  2. Yeti – Rambler 
  3. Lifestraw Go – 2 Stage Filtration



If you are weight training, then you should get weight lifting gloves. These gloves will protect you skin and it will give you a better grip.

  1. Mava sports
  2. Trideer
  3. RimSports



If you are at the gym, then there is probably music playing in the background. But if not, or you want to listen to your own playlist, then you make sure that you have your own music and earphones. I usually use Spotify to download my favorite songs. And the best earphones for training would have to be wireless earphones like these:

  1. Jaybird – Run
  2. Jaybird – Freedom 2
  3. Jaybird – X3




Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

Happy Saturday, loves!!! Based on last week’s post, I rounded up some cute, cool and beautiful pink gift ideas for Valentine’s day. Any one of these items would make an amazing Valentine’s day gift. They can also be grouped together to make an awesome Valentine’s day package. This all depends of course on your budget and the number of people that will be receiving a gift from you. So, let’s get started!


The Valentine’s day gift guide section from Victoria’s secret has so many cute items. I selected a satin slip and a kimono as examples. Just Like Victoria’s Secret, has some great lounge and sleep items. Just look at the Black and pink two piece set below.

  1. Victoria’s Secret – Satin & Lace Slip
  2. Poppy Apparel – Brenda Two Piece Set
  3. Victoria’s Secret – Satin Kimono

Get a 10% discount on the Brenda two piece set with code: musthaves

Makeup items

If you are thinking about giving a nontradition gift this year, then this section is for you. Why not give someone you love, an item that they would use daily or an item that they really wanted to purchase for themself.

  1. Makeup Mirror Bundle
  2. Dior Addict Lip Glow
  3. Slay Cube Makeup Travel Case


No Valentine’s gift is more traditional than jewelry. Do you want to pop the question on v-day, or do you want to give your loved one a long-lasting gift, then jewelry is the right gift.

  1. Lafonn – Classic Square Halo Ring
  2. Kate Spade – Shine On Stud Earrings
  3. Kendra Scott – Ott Friendship Bracelet


A fun, easy and traditional Valentine’s day gift is candy. You can never go wrong with candy on Valentine’s day.

  1. Sugarfina – Baby Rose Bears
  2. Sugarfina Pearls
  3. Sugarfina-Tequila Grapefruit Sours
  4. Sugarfina- Bella Rose


If you want to give your self or a loved one a more chic and expensive gift then, these items from Louis Vuitton are for you.

  1. Victorine Wallet
  2. Monogram Vernis Degrade Heart Bag Charm
  3. Monogram Confidential Bandeau


And the most traditional and romantic Valentine’s day gift idea of them all is flowers. To give it a more modern touch, go for these rose boxes. They are modern, chic and pretty.

  1. Rose Deluxe Arrangement
  2. Luxury Make Up Box Clear Collection
  3. Venus Et Fleur
  4. Signature 250 Ombre
  5. Royal Roses In Kerrie Hess Limited Edition

Pink Valentine’s Day Outfits


When it comes to valentine’s day, the colors red, white and pink come in mind. But this year I have a pink Valentine’s day on my mind. I’m thinking about the tones blush, mauve, baby pink and rose gold. Based on this, here are some awesome and inexpensive Valentine’s day outfit ideas for you.


  1. Love Is On Playsuit In Blush
  2. Bad Lair Dress In Blush
  3. Look At Your Playsuit in Pink Floral


Poppy Apparel

  1. Prudence Blouse
  2. Morisse Crop Top
  3. Harrison Blouse

Get a 10% discount on all items with code: musthaves


Forever 21

  1. Off-The-Shoulder Choker Dress
  2. Striped High-Low Peplum Top
  3. Bodycon Mini Dress



  1. Sylvie Brushed off Shoulder Dress
  2. Jessie Contrast Stripe Tee
  3. Summer Hours Skinny Pants & Heather Strappy Top


Love Culture

  1. Dark Mauve Floral Crepe Shorts Maxi Dress
  2. Pink Ruffle Shoulder Ribbed Knit Crop Top & Denim Stud & Pearl Mid Rise Jeans
  3. Blush Cross Strap Off Shoulder Bodycon Dress

10 Amazing Swimwear Brands

Happy Saturday, everyone! While waiting for spring, I noticed that there are already so many swimwear pieces out right now. If you don’t know where or what to purchase, then you are at the right place. I will be showing you 3 samples from 10 amazing swimwear brands. I will continue to show you new and stylish pieces, so don’t forget to follow me @findmusthaves on Instagram. Let’s beginning!



  1. Lazy Lobster
  2. Roo TopChiko Bottom
  3. Bam Bam Top & Adrift Bottom


Poppy Apparel


  1. Bandage Halter Bikini- Royal Blue
  2. Aida Bikini Set
  3. Scarlett Swimsuit

Get an additional 10% discount on all items from with code: musthaves




  1. Tropical Print Plunge Neckline Monokini
  2. Leaf Print Ruffle Hem Bikini Set
  3. Jungle Print Bandeau Bikini Set




  1. Go With The Flow Bikini Set
  2. Present Tense Bikini
  3. Poolside Dancing Monokini




  1. Bandeau Top And High Waisted Slip Bikini Bottoms
  2. Bandeau Lace Up Bikini Top And Thong Bottoms
  3. Cut Out Plunging Neck Bandage Swimwear




  1. Flower Print Swimsuit
  2. Block Striped Off The Shoulder Bikini Set
  3. Tie Neck Ladder Cut Out Side Bikini Set




  1. Black High Leg Bardot Swimsuit
  2. Black High Rise Wrap Around Swimsuit
  3. Black Bandage Bikini Set


Forever 21


  1. Palm Leaf One-Piece Swimsuit
  2. Off-the-Shoulder Lace-Up One-Piece Swimsuit
  3. Caged One-Piece Swimsuit


Hot Miami Style


  1. Navy White Gingham Cheker Off Shoulder Scrunch Butt Bikini
  2. Barbie Pink Off Shoulder Scrunch Butt Bikini
  3. Olive High Waist Bikini


Plumeria Swimwear


  1. Antigua Bikini RED
  2. Alessia One Piece Cobalt Blue
  3. St-Tropez bikini Magenta



3 Makeup looks to try out this year!

Hi everyone!! Sorry that it took me so long to post, but I’m back with some great content. I wanted to share with you three beautiful makeup looks from three different makeup artist that I found on Instagram. As always I will give you all the details needed to complete each look. Enjoy!


Jeannine is a professional Australian makeup artist, that always posts some amazing and beautiful pictures on Instagram. She recently posted an inspirational look, that I believe is just amazing.


To achieve this look she used the following:


  • BH cosmatics blush palette
  • Too faced Chocolate soleil bronzer
  • Artist couture “gold digger” diamond glow powder


  • Zodiac eye shadow Palette from BH cosmetics.
  • Magnificent metal liquid eye shadow in “rose gold retro”.
  • Glitter from Certifeye.
  • Dazzle liner in “purity” from  Nabla cosmetics.
  • American doll house Lashes in “Satin”


  • Dose of colors “lazy daisy”  liquid lipstick



Shantel Ekwensi is a beauty blogger & professional makeup artist and she also founded Shantelashes in 2017. Last November, she posted a very beautiful picture of her self, where she rocked big lashes and a hint of eye shadow popping through them. This look is so pretty and will look good at any occasion.


To achieve this look she used the following:


  • Lifeproof foundation in “20” from Sleekmakeup
  • La Girl cosmetics concealer in “toffee”
  • Blush in “Chivalry” from Makeup Geek
  • Studio fix powder in “NW45” from Mac
  • Buttercup  setting  powder from Sacha
  • “the Golden Sands” 3D highlighter palette from Huda beauty
  • Deslick oil control setting spray from Urban decay


  • Dipbrow pomade in “dark brown” from Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • Select cover up concealer  in “NW40” from Mac


  • Huda Beauty  Desert Dusk palette
  • NYX Liquid  liner
  • They’re real mascara from Benefit
  • Lashes by Shantelashes in “1997′


3. Carlibel

Carli Bybel is a professional make up artist that I have been following for a while now. She is definitly one of my favority beauty gurus. She is a vlogger and she also does collaborations with the clothing line missguided. One of my favorite looks from her was this simple red lip look.


To achieve this look she used the following:


  • Kryolan Primer
  • Fiona Stiles Foundation
  • KKW Dark contour kit
  • Nars Matte Concealer Macadamia
  • Tarte Shape Tape LT med
  • KKW medium highlight
  • Kat Von D setting powder
  • Kat Von D Powder foundation
  • KKW dark matte highlighter
  • KKW dark contour
  • Cover FX matte setting spray


  • ABH brow wiz ebony
  • ABH brow powder ebony


  • Carli Bybel deluxe edition palette
  • Kiss Blooming lashes Lily
  • Tarte  Lights, Camera. Lashes Mascara
  • Inglot #121 eye shadow


  • Kat Von D Rosary  lip Liner
  • Color pop  Ultra matte lip in “creeper”