Work Out Essentials

Hi everyone!!! So I started recently with a new workout routine which involves going to the gym 3 times a week and on any other day I will go for a long walk and run. I know that when it comes to working out, it is not important how fashionable you look. It’s more about having the right outfit and gear while you are working out. Because of this I wanted to give you some basic tips before purchasing any workout items. I will also be showing you some great brands and where to buy them.


If you are doing a workout routine that requires the use of  a pair of work out shoes, then you should make sure you are using the right shoes. For example if you are going on a run, make sure you are using running shoes. When I go for a long walk and/or run, I always have my Adidas ultra boost on.

  1. UltraBoost Shoes
  2. UltraBoost X Shoes
  3. UltraBoost X Parley Shoes



Top and sports bra

For me it is very important to wear the right sports bra. It should be comfortable, it should give you enough support and I love for them to have a padding in side. If my sports bra has all of these qualities, then almost any top would look good on top.

  1. Nike Hero
  2. Nike Rival
  3. Don’t Rest Alphaskin Sport Bra



When it comes to leggings, I want them to be stretchy and not see through. In other words, make sure that your leggings are squat-proof leggings.

  1. Saski Collection – Mint Green High Waist Leggings
  2. VS Pink- Ultimate High Waist Pocket Legging
  3. GymShark – Fusion Leggings


Other essentials


If your gym does not have a water cooler, make sure that you have a water bottle on hand to keep yourself hydrated at all times, especially if you are doing cardio.

  1. S’well – Neptune
  2. Yeti – Rambler 
  3. Lifestraw Go – 2 Stage Filtration



If you are weight training, then you should get weight lifting gloves. These gloves will protect you skin and it will give you a better grip.

  1. Mava sports
  2. Trideer
  3. RimSports



If you are at the gym, then there is probably music playing in the background. But if not, or you want to listen to your own playlist, then you make sure that you have your own music and earphones. I usually use Spotify to download my favorite songs. And the best earphones for training would have to be wireless earphones like these:

  1. Jaybird – Run
  2. Jaybird – Freedom 2
  3. Jaybird – X3



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